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Why is this woman from the United States so Happy?

If you're American and you love to shop, this could be you!  Saving money...shopping online. 
NOW is the best time for Americans to shop online and save "big" with Canadian retailers.
When US customers shop Canadian websites, there are huge savings!  Spend $100.00 on a Canadian website, after the conversion you will only be charged $75.62.
See what American customers can expect to save today when shopping at Wink Intimates www.winkintimates.com 


US Customer Pays
US Customer Saves
9to5 Cami Bra                           $79.00 $59.74 $19.26

9to5 Cami Shape




9to5 Lacie Thong or Boy Shorts


$18.90 $6.10


*savings are subject to change based on daily rates

*American customers - savings will show on your credit card statement.


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