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      Best Fake Tan!




      Most of us can't deny we look best with a tan, but with self-tanning, it's buyer beware and be aware.

      There are times when you may just want a hint of colour or you don't have time for a professional spray tan (though this has always been my go-to - but that's another blog!).

      I have tried multitudes of brands and I can finally say that I have found a self-tanner that looks natural, doesn't streak and smells great. I know.........I wouldn't believe it myself - but after using it, I do!

      If you're getting away for a sunny vacation try "Fake Bake" before you leave. You will "blend" when you arrive. No kidding:-)

      If you're staying home for the holidays, give yourself a beautiful glow with "Fake Bake" self-tanner. Even though you're not in the Caribbean, you'll feel like you are..............and you'll look great in that holiday ensemble.