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Find the perfect jeans for your body type

Find the perfect jeans for your body type

Scoring the right fitting jeans for your body type is a game changer!


Not everyone looks great in a skinny jean and not everyone can pull off a flare. Regardless of what is in fashion right now, it's more important to find the jeans that flatter your figure.  Maybe you can rock the boyfriend, the skinny and the flares, but most of us will know which style is going to make us pop!

All brands of jeans will fit differently, so if your a 28 in one style don't freak out if you need to go up a size.  It's all about feeling good in your own skin and your second skin....those jeans!

Whether you pair them with cute sneakers, flats or sexy heels.  The right cut jeans will take you almost anywhere you need to go.  You might find the perfect jeans on the sale rack or you might need to invest in them, but they are one piece that is worth investing in if they make you feel like a rock star!