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Ruffles are among the top trends for 2020

Dolce Gabbana Blush Pink Sheer Ruffle Blouse with Pussy Bow

Dolce & Gabbana Pussy-Bow Ruffled Silk-Chiffon Blouse

Dolce & Gabbana Pussy-Bow Ruffled Silk-Chiffon Blouse

If you love ruffles, this is your season.  Whether it's a blouse for the office, fun night out, or on your swimsuit, ruffles are out there for you.  There's something in every colour, shape and style.

Zimmermann Lady Beetle Ruffled Lurex Mini

I have always been a big fan of ruffles.  Ruffles are soft and romantic and very flattering when you find "the one" for you!   Capture the colour and shape you love, with just the right amount of ruffle for your body, its magic.  There is something out there for everybody, the placement of the ruffle is really important. This new trend has me reminiscing over some of my fashion choices over the years and I've always been a fan.  Ruffles on my wedding dress, my "going away dress", swimsuits over the years.  I'm thrilled they are back, they are so my thing!  I love feminine clothes, dresses, skirts, pretty blouses.  I must admit, I haven't found a blouse that I've loved in several years.  Until now!  Soft blush pink, sheer, just the right amount of ruffles along the centre button line, pretty little ruffle on the sleeve, topped with a bow at the neck.  I like the neck bow/pussy bow draped behind me.  It adds a bit of drama on the exit as well.  

Even swimwear and swimwear accessories are getting on board with ruffles, check out this cute one-piece swim suit and dramatic cover-up.  Ruffles in one location on the body may be enough. I love this swimsuit with a simple cover-up or a less dramatic swimsuit topped with this gorgeous Lisa Marie Fernandez cover- up.  

Chiara Boni La Petite Robe - One-Piece Ruffle Swimsuit



Lisa Marie Fernandez - Anita Robe Ruffle Dress

You really need to try them on to find the right placement for you and the right amount of ruffle.  Big ruffles draw attention to your bust, so if you don't want that, stick with a smaller ruffle that runs vertically rather than horizontal ruffles.  If its sheer on top the right underpinning is key.   A pretty lace bra under it is a great look, but may not be for everyone.  If you want something with more coverage, try a camisole or a cami bra under your sheer blouse.  Sheer blouses have a great flow to them, they fall beautifully over a skirt, pants or jeans and are can be very flattering.

If you want to give this trend a try, but would like a simple version of the ruffle, this Alice and Olivia top is a winner!

Alice and Olivia - Ada Sleeveless Ruffle Crop Top



We've changed our name to AT CLAiR!

We've changed our name to AT CLAiR!
Wink Intimates is now AT CLAiR.  You will still find the quality products you expect from Wink Intimates, we have a new name and a new look.  You can expect to see some exciting new products at AT CLAiR, so come back often to see what's new!

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Best New Sport Bra.....You May Already Own It!

Best New Sport Bra.....You May Already Own It!
If you haven't tried your 9to5 at the gym, give it a try its also a great Sports Bra!

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Do you know what a Cami Bra is?

Do you know what a Cami Bra is?

What is a Cami Bra?


Front View of Cami Bra

A Cami Bra is just like your regular bra!

Its made with underwires for lift and support

A band for support

Soft molded cups to enhance your shape and provide extra coverage

It has adjustable straps

An adjustable band with hook and eye

What makes a Cami Bra different from other bras is the added fabric that covers the cups as well as providing cleavage coverage. 


Inside View of Cami Bra

The 9to5 Cami Bra has been awarded patents in Canada and the United States for design and utility.



Trends in Workout Wear - From Jane Fonda and the 20 Minute Workout to 2017

Trends in Workout Wear - From Jane Fonda and the 20 Minute Workout to 2017

The 80's

In the 80's the big trend in workout wear was a full body leotard with a colourful thong over it or tights with a thong over them with a sports bra.  We were inspired by Jane Fonda and the 20 Minute Workout!  Yes, this was fitness fashion in the 80's and lots of us were rocking this look!




It has not been uncommon to see a pair of tights, that are a bit too thin showing a thong underneath.  This image is a bit of an exaggeration of this trend, but we've all seen the thong under workout pants.


 Today's Workout Fashion Trend

Today we are trending toward workout leggings with designs that accentuate our curves!  These pants are super cute.  The company name is Aim'n,  the website says it was started by 2 happy girls from Sweeden.   I think they are onto something!


Gym Shark is UK company who is doing something similar, its also cute and looks super comfy!  This is the Flex Crop Legging.  I saw these on a girl at the gym and was inspired enough do research them.