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Great at Home alternative to Shellac Nail Polish


With the holiday season upon us, it’s nice to fancy up our fingernails and indulge in a manicure.  If time allows, a trip to the nail salon or spa is great.  It`s not always possible to carve out the time for such an indulgence.

Even if you have a steady hand and manage to paint your own nails, the challenge is to sit still for an hour and allow them to dry.  If you`re like me, you pick up something and mess them up.  

I recently tried a new nail polish called Vinylux; it’s a great alternative to Shellac.  Shellac dries out my nails leaving them brittle and weak.

There is no need for a base coat, just 2 coats of colour followed by Vinylux top coat.  They say it dries in 8 and a half minutes, and it`s true it does!  There slogan is, change it when you want not because you have to, and it’s true too!

Before switching to Vinylux I used YSL La Laque Couture, it comes in a pretty bottle and I love the colours.  I will still use YSL when getting a professional manicure and know I`ll sit still for the required time.  But on a weekly basis Vinylux at $11.95 is a great alternative to Shellac or regular polish.





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